Hitman “Legacy” Trailer Takes A Trip Down Murder Lane


Agent 47 has cleansed society of many corrupt, deserving targets since Hitman: Codename 47, where players learned of his clone-based background. Although five men donated their genetic material to create the ideal superhuman – Agent 47 himself – the assassin would execute each with calm calculation and a cold demeanor, his creator included.

But in the 15 years that Agent 47 has been strangling, drowning, poisoning, booby trapping, or just gunning down prey, only five core Hitman games have been produced. IO Interactive will make that six in March, and in anticipation of their assassin’s return, the developers uploaded a new Hitman trailer today.

Titled “Legacy,” the opening cinematic provides flashbacks for some of 47’s more infamous hits. The trailer takes viewers to the thermal baths of the Hotel Gallard in Budapest as seen in the original Codename 47, where Agent 47 disposes of Frantz Fuchs, and to the Chilean Delgado vineyard from Blood Money.

The footage also bridges the two-decade gap between the prologue mission of Hitman and the fashion show in Paris. The events that transpire at the Sanguine Fashion Show begin after the series’ latest entry, Absolution, and follow the self-contained sandbox approach to contracts that fans loved about Blood Money.

Expect our impressions of the recent Hitman beta soon, which becomes available to PlayStation Plus subscribers the week before release.

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