Hitman’s Third Elusive Target Goes Live Tomorrow

Hitman Episode Two Screenshot 3

It’s that time again: another elusive target is headed to Hitman tomorrow. For this third contract, IO Interactive is tasking players with taking down “The Prince” in the Sapienza stage and, as was the case with the previous two marks, you’ll only have 72 hours to assassinate him. You’ll want to do some planning and preparation before attempting the challenge too, as you only get one shot. Fail to kill The Prince and you’ll be locked out for good.

Get ready for the third HITMAN Elusive Target!

At 15:00 CEST / 06:00 PDT on Wednesday 8th June, we’ll update the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract will be live. Make sure you’re ready, because The Prince will only be in Sapienza for 72 hours and there won’t be any second chances.

If you’re wondering what the payoff is for all of this murder and sleuthing, there’s in-game rewards waiting for you when you successfully complete 5 and 10 Elusive Targets. The signature suits from both Hitman: Absolution and Hitman: Blood Money are yours to keep when you do so.

For a quick reminder on the general rules of each Elusive Target, see IO Interactive’s own tips below. Good luck, agent.

Elusive Target Rules:

  • Elusive Targets are added to the game for a limited time in real-time. They won’t return.
  • You only get one chance to take them down. If you die, you fail the contract and cannot retry it.
  • Elusive Targets do not show up on the in-game map or Instinct. You need to locate and identify them with limited intel.
  • Earn in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target contracts throughout the season.
  • Every Elusive Target adds two unique challenges to the game; one ‘target’ challenge for eliminating the specific Elusive Target and a ‘Silent Assassin’ challenge for eliminating the target without being spotted and without any non-target casualties.

Source: VideoGamer