‘Hogwarts Legacy’ almost punished players for following in the footsteps of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Hogwarts Legacy/Avalanche

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t just about realizing your Wizarding World fantasies. In Avalanche’s open-world role-playing game, you can live out your weirdest Hogwarts dreams, whether it’s making mischief on the school grounds or working up a reputation as a dark sorcerer.

And while the game mostly indulges players when it comes to embracing their impulses, data miners have found a canned gameplay mechanic that would’ve punished you for using the Unforgivable Curses too much.

Avalanche had previously confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy would impose no limitations on Potterheads who want to Avada Kedavra their way out of every conflict. They were true to their word, because you can mostly get away with almost everything in this game, but that wasn’t always the case apparently.

Based on what data miners have recently unearthed, per PC Gamer the game initially planned to incorporate a mechanic where you would lose House points for casting Unforgivable Curses. The files outline that killing someone loses you 100 points, while mind control (Imperio) costs 50 points.

Not only that, but Hogwarts Legacy almost featured a bounty hunter system, or “Call Authority Figure,” which would’ve sent ministers after the player based on the severity of their crime. Imagine how fun it would’ve been to evade officers of law as you’re trying to maneuver your way through daily classes and other adventures.

Perhaps Avalanche can find a way to incorporate this into the sequel, which, based on the game’s phenomenal commercial success, seems like an extremely plausible development at this point.

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