Don’t Hold Your Breath For Nintendo NX News; Publisher Tables Talk Of New Hardware Until 2016


Though it was already out in the open, Nintendo reiterated that it has no plans to discuss its nascent new hardware – codenamed NX – until at least 2016.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President and Chief Operating Officer of the House of Mario, noted the system’s absence at the beginning of this morning’s Direct Presentation, claiming that the showcase has been designed with current hardware – namely the 3DS and Wii U – in mind.


In truth, not much is known about the Nintendo NX, but if Saturo Iwata is to be believed, the system will completely alter the way in which we interact with video games. The Big N is known for blazing its own path, and we’re excited to see where the company goes next.

“In the past few years, the idea of what [encompasses] a gaming platform gradually changed,” he said. “If you only expand upon existing hardware, it’s dull. In some shape or form, we’re always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person’s video gaming life.”

Early reports had suggested that Nintendo would pursue an Android operating system in order to broaden the scope of development and attract more third-party devs with the open-source platform. However, it wasn’t long until the Japanese juggernaut put those rumors to bed, stating that “there is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX.”

We’ll have more details regarding the mysterious NX hardware as it breaks. Until then, let us know what you would like to see from Nintendo‘s upcoming hardware in the comments.