Former Gone Home Developer Returns With Where The Water Tastes Like Wine


In the wake of the massive critical success of Gone Home, programmer Johnnemann Nordhagen surprisingly decided to leave The Fullbright Company, the studio he co-founded. In the time since, he went on to build his own studio, Dim Bulb Games, and during the pre-show for The Game Awards 2015, we got our first look at their debut effort, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

Boasting a gorgeous world illustrated by Kellan Jett, the title takes players across the United States during the expansion of manifest destiny. Little information was revealed about the actual gameplay, but we do know that you’ll be talking to several colorful figures from the history of the United States. Each voice you hear will have their own unique folk tales and personal stories to tell you.

Scheduled to launch in 2016 for Windows PC and Mac, the unique and haunting debut trailer for Where The Water Tastes Like Wine can be glimpsed above.