Homefront 2 Is Being Developed In Isolation

Released last year to much anticipation followed by an awful lot of dissapointment, Homefront was unfortunately the death-toll for Kaos Studios. However, THQ didn’t want the IP to die with them, and since then development has been handed over to the experienced hands of Crytek. With the recent restructuring of THQ, new fears over the security of the series have been raised.  

However, speaking with CVGCrytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has said that there has been no “tangible change whatsoever” in their relationship with the publisher:

“To be fair, the way we’re developing Homefront 2 is very isolated anyway. We’re treating it as our own new IP and at the same time THQ is respecting us and saying, ‘you guys know what you’re doing’ and telling us the story they’d like to have, which we’re collaborating creatively on.”

America may not be my personal ‘homefront’, but I have always thought that the premise had potential. Whether Crytek will successfully realise this potential in Homefront 2 remains to be seen, but they are certainly one of the squads that I would entrust with the mission.