Homefront: The Revolution Returns From The Brink With New Trailer; Multiplayer Beta Hits Xbox One This Year


Ever since Homefront: The Revolution was revealed in June of last year, it’s been a trying time for the creative team attached to the politically-charged shooter. After an internal fallout at Crytek UK, the sequel was shifted over to Deep Silver’s newly-formed Dambuster Studio, who acquired the rights for the property shortly after THQ went bankrupt in the latter stages of 2012.

Thankfully, it appears as though The Revolution has put the vast majority of its development woes behind it, after an overhauled gameplay trailer made its debut during today’s Xbox Gamescom press event. It was here when Microsoft announced that a multiplayer beta would hit Xbox One this winter, though the publisher didn’t specify whether this bout of testing would be timed-exclusive to the platform, or exclusive altogether.

Leading the resistance as you look to overthrow the totalitarian reign, Homefront: The Revolution takes place in an oppressive open-world in and around Philadelphia. Featuring day/night cycles and dynamic weather systems, Dambuster Studio is gunning to create a grimy urban environment that pulses with themes of emancipation and terror.

Moreover, in Homefront: The Revolution, guerrilla warfare is king, and in the reveal trailer above Deep Silver teases some of the gameplay elements we can expect in the final product, not to mention the strikingly realistic facial capture.

After a prolonged development, Homefront: The Revolution will finally launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in late 2016. Xbox One owners can look forward to a beta test later this year, and it’s understood Deep Silver will provide more details closer to the time.

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