For Honor Crashes Ubisoft Conference With Announcement And Gameplay Trailers


Immediately after the reveal of an unexpected South Park: The Stick of Truth sequel, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot yielded the floor to allow the announcement of a brand new series. For Honor, a multiplayer melee combat game, introduced itself with an action-packed CG trailer that pitted knights, vikings and Bushido warriors against one another in a cacophony of close-quarters combat.

Game director Jason Vandenberghe took to the stage to show off a PS4 gameplay demo for For Honor, which looks to combine the scale of battle found in Dynasty Warriors with the precise swordplay of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Playing as one of the three warrior factions, teams of four engage in third person duels using lock-on mechanics. Various positions and swing types seem key to getting past your opponents defense, and delivering what look to be rather elaborate killing blows.

To add to the sense of scale, A.I. grunts join in the fray by the dozens, providing players with something to hack through on their way to finding a worthy human opponent. No word yet on when For Honor, or its “art of battle” gameplay will be available in a finished state, but we’ll have more to hear once E3-goers get their hands on the demo available at the show.

To get the full For Honor experience thus far, check out the the pair of trailers above and below.