Horror Game Dead By Daylight Surpasses 270,000 Sales In First Week Of Release


Dead By Daylight, the multiplayer horror game by Behaviour Interactive that pits four defenceless ‘survivors’ against one crazed killer (all player-controlled) has enjoyed a hugely-successful launch, selling over 270,000 copies since last Tuesday, publisher Starbreeze Studios has announced on their website (via VideoGamer).

Speaking of the good news and of their partnership with Behaviour Interactive, Starbreeze CEO Andersson Klint said:

We couldn’t be happier to release Dead by Daylight as our first publishing partnership together with Behaviour. With this launch, we’ve proven that the concept we’ve developed with our own Payday-franchise, can be replicated and utilized for other games. Taking the game to different events and seeing it on the top 5 most streamed titles on Twitch has been a thrill and a real ticket to the games success as a spectator friendly game. We look forward to seeing the game evolve and thrive in the community.

Having been consistently watched by thousands on Twitch since release last week, Dead By Daylight has proven to be a popular “spectator friendly game” as well as a traditional one, and Behaviour CEO Rémi Racine says the success garnered by such a simple idea on paper is all down to a great partnership and the vision of creating a “community focused game.”

Our partnership with Starbreeze has been a great fit from the get go, they believed in our vision and gave us the creative freedom and support needed to make a massive statement out of the gate

Behaviour Digital is a new studio where we invest in our own future, with Dead by Daylight being our first release, we couldn’t be prouder; we have been developing concepts around this theme for many years now and it’s great to trail blaze in this space. From the beginning, we conceived Dead by Daylight to be a community focused game, but the engagement from our players has been fantastic.

Dead By Daylight is available to buy and download now on Steam. If you’re quick, you can take advantage of a special promotion that knocks 10% off the usual price. The reduced price offer ends July 4.