Horror Icon Freddy Krueger Brings Nightmares To Mortal Kombat

As if the Mortal Kombat roster wasn’t large enough, a sleep demon is about to enter its brutal competition ranks. The finger-clawed horror icon Freddy Krueger himself, is set to bring with him some visceral metallic combat, straight out of your nightmares.

Having watched the trailer (supplied below), it’s become evident that Freddy is a perfect fit for this fighting franchise. He’s vulgar, disturbing looking and isn’t one to shy away from a violent conflict. Not to mention the fact that he has some unique fighting skills and clawed weaponry.

Being a huge fan of horror movies and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise itself, this news really piques my interest. I’ve never been a huge fan of fighting games and admittedly have yet to give this one a shot, but this news may get me out to the store to pick up a copy in the near future. I’m really interested in slicing through the competition with ten sharpened claws, while wearing an old dusty hat and a hideous striped sweater.

Freddy will haunt your virtual nightmares on August 9. Luckily for the residents of Elm Street, he’ll be too occupied with fighting Sub-Zero and Scorpion to terrorize them while they sleep. That’s definitely a win, even if you have to deal with him slicing up your on-screen avatar.

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