How To Access Ilomilo: A Secret XBLA Game

If you like puzzle games, here’s one for you called Ilomilo. The only problem? No one knows it’s out yet as the full game is not listed in any of the Xbox Live Marketplace menus. Here’s how to access it.

You need to visit a secret site, enter the verification code and you’ll be granted an unlock code. Redeem that code on your Xbox 360 and you’ll download a 250MB trial version. If you like what you play, you can then unlock the full game in the game’s menu for 800 MSP.

Why Microsoft and developer Southend Interactive decided to release the game in such a secretive and unconventional manner is beyond me. Seems counter-intuitive to the main business model of making money when no one knows how to spend their money on your product.

Regardless, what you get is an adorable puzzler where you need to reunite two umm…people? Err…bug things? (Named Ilo and Milo of course). The cubed based levels start you off on opposite ends and you take turns, swapping between the two characters, moving them through obstacles until you can meet up on adjacent squares. Sounds easy right? Well like all good puzzlers, it starts off deceptively easy and quickly ramps up in difficulty as more game mechanics are taught to you every level.

The game can also be played cooperatively rather easily since you’re only moving one character at a time and so you and a friend simply take turns. Although if playing cooperatively, I’d either bring someone somewhat intelligent or at the very least is good at following instructions because the game requires a great deal of cooperation to be successful.

Ilomilo is also out for the Windows 7 Phone. Check out the trailer below.