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How To Get A Chocobo In FFXIV?

Get your first mount.


In Final Fantasy XIV, mounts are incredibly useful as not only do they function as a mode of transportation but some also become a handy companion to fight alongside players in battle.

The very first mount you’ll see players receive in the MMO is the Chocobo. A recurring creature from the Final Fantasy franchise, these large bird-shaped creatures are the best companion you can acquire earlier in the game and are more than sufficient for both traveling and batling needs.

There is a variety of different Chocobo styles available in the game with some just offering different coloring and others completely different builts even with some unique bonuses. If you’re a new player and looking to get your first Chocobo here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Chocobo in FFXIV?


Those who are after the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy XIV will need to ensure they meet a few criteria before they’ll be able to complete the necessary steps to get their mount.

  • Firstly, you must be level 20 or above and have completed enough of the main story to have joined a Grand Company.
  • Next, you’ll want to complete the questline My Little Chocobo which will send you to purchase Chocobo Inssuance from the Grand Company Quartermaster. This will cost 200 company seals.
  • Take this to the stable master to return the quest and you will be gifted a whistle that once used will grant you the Chocobo mount.
  • Once acquired, simply summon your Chocobo mount by dragging its icon from within the Mounts Menu.

Once you’ve completed this you’ll have access to the Chocobo mount which will help you in traversing the map, though it won’t assist in combat. To get the Chocobo companion reaching level 30 is required. At this point, you need to complete the My Feisty Little Chocobo quest and that will grant your Chocobo battle use.

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