How to Make Chairs in Minecraft


Minecraft gives players plenty of creative freedom to experiment and create their own city willed with unique structures and furnishing. Some of these furnishings can be crafted using the recipes in the game while others you’ll need to get creative on.

While a chair may seem like a simple object, there is no crafting recipe for it in Minecraft. Chairs are best made using other craftable materials and can look drastically different depending on what is chosen to use when crafting them.

If you’re looking to furnish your house then these are some of the basic chair replacements you can try out.

How to Make Chairs in Minecraft

Screengrab via YouTube

There are no chairs that can be crafted in Minecraft, however, there are several ways to make chair-like objects with the most common using stairs and trap doors.

You’re going to want to place down a stair and on either side place trap doors. Now flick the trap doors up and they will act as the arms of the chair. This is the easiest way to emulate a chair and can be extended to a bench by placing another stair alongside the first.

An alternate way to make a chair is by placing down a single stair and then using signs to make up the arms on either side.

Finally, for a larger lounge chair make a 1×2 square using four blocks (two side by side stacks of two). Next in front place two stairs facing in towards each other. This should create a lounge shape.

These are just a few of the different ways you can create chair-like furniture in Minecraft. You can search YouTube for plenty of other chair designs that may be more suitable for your build.