Huge Multiplayer Update Released For Plague Inc: Evolved

plague inc

The immensely morbid strategy title Plague Inc: Evolved has today received its much-anticipated competitive multiplayer addition via a Steam update. The game already has over 60 million players across multiple platforms, and now all of these twisted individuals can take their thirst for destruction into a competitive game as they seek to be the first to decimate the world’s population.

The original version of the game works almost like an anti-Sim City, with players attempt to build the reach and deadliness of their disease across the planet in the hopes that they will craft the ultimate pandemic and bring about the end of mankind. The versus mode will pit gamers against each other in a race to cause the world’s end before the other player can cause more devastation.

It’s clearly an update that the developers at NDemic Creations are very excited about, with the game’s creator seeming to be the most pleased of all;

“I can’t wait to see people battling to genetically dominate each other,” said James Vaughan, creator of Plague Inc. “May the best plague win!”

The multiplayer update adds brand new ways to evolve your deadly diseases, as well as innovative new ways to spread the plagues across the globe. The ‘Unscheduled Flight’ tool will send a plane full of infected civilians to another country for a quick spread, while ‘Genetic Exposure’ will let your own humans devise ways to develop cures against the ailments deployed by your opponent.

Plague Inc: Evolved is a world sim like no other, and the brand new multiplayer mode will finally let players pit their genocidal tactics against one another as each one vies to be the first to bring about a total, worldwide disaster.