Humble Bundle Have Revealed Plans For A Range Of Humble Originals


Humble Bundle are set to make the move into video game distribution as they reveal Humble Originals; a series of games funded by the company themselves. As part of the Humble Monthly subscription service, players will get their hands on these exclusive new titles at no extra cost with their existing membership.

The trailer for the first game to feature in the Humble Originals series – which you can see above – reveals what looks like a pretty off the wall experience. Titled Elephant In The Room, this strange stealth game will have you sneaking around an inhabited house trying to avoid detection by the people inside. It’s literally encouraging you to help groups of people ignore an elephant in the room.

The description with this trailer gives an equally intriguing peak into the future of Humble Originals, with the following introduction to the series:

Elephant In The Room marks the beginning of Humble Originals — exclusive games developed specifically for Humble Monthly subscribers. We allow developers to explore their favourite ideas and turn them into games that are a little risky, a little experimental, and a lot of fun!

It certainly sounds as though these games will be unlike pretty much anything else on the open market, so keep an eye out for more on Humble Originals as the Humble Monthly packages get revealed throughout the year.

Source: Wired

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