Hutt Contracts Coming To Star Wars Battlefront As Free Update


Thought you’d have to wait until the Outer Rim DLC pack released later this month to catch a glimpse of Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars Battlefront? Think again. Some new footage in a ‘Free Update’ promotional video released by EA (above) for the shooter details two free maps (which have already been made available) and a new, as-yet-unreleased ‘Hutt Contracts’ feature.

The footage is only flashed on-screen for a meagre few seconds, but shows the Tatooine crime lord in all of his grotesque glory, holding a hologram that cycles through several different weapons. “Unlock new gear” promptly follows that footage, pretty much confirming that these new missions will unlock some new – much needed – toys to play around with.

Presumably, certain achievements or daily challenges will be released along with the update that, when completed, will reward the player with various different items. Neither DICE or EA have confirmed when the update will be made available, but we can’t imagine it’s too far away; they’ll undoubtedly want it to be available around the same time that the first new map included in the Outer Rim pack rolls out.

Which, as luck would have it, is due to be set in the sandy dunes surrounding Jabba’s grandiose Palace. Hutt Contracts could go a long way in giving players more things to do in Star Wars Battlefront, something desperately needed in a game that many criticized on release for having a lacklustre amount of content.