Hyperdevotion Noire Comes To PC Later This Month

Idea Factory International is continuing their PC support, and will bring over yet another Hyperdimension Neptunia spinoff to computers. Releasing April 18, Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart will mark the first time that the strategy RPG is available in high definition. The former PlayStation Vita exclusive was developed by Sting, and released early last year in North America.

Despite taking place in the new world of Gamarket, rather than the series’ default world Gamindustri, Neptunia fans will spot a lot of familiar faces in this spinoff. It stars fan-favorite character Noire as the protagonist, and players will have to help the ruler of Lastation on her quest to regain her power. The rest of the Neptunia crew also shows up, so you can expect to see Blanc, Vert and Neptune, among others.

Familiar gameplay systems will also be in place despite the new focus on grid-based strategy. The Lily System will return from past games, which allows for characters to develop friendships that enhance their abilities in battle. Players will also be able to develop plenty of items to use during missions just like in previous Hyperdimension Neptunia titles. The gameplay, much like the plot, ends up being a new twist on a familiar formula.

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart will be getting a full-blown release on Steam and will have all the expected bells and whistles. The game’s Steam store page reveals that it’ll have achievements for players to unlock, trading cards to collect, and will support controllers.

Idea Factory International’s previous PC ports have been well regarded, so this should come as no surprise. Still, it’s great to see a publisher putting out high quality versions of Japanese role-playing games, especially in the wake of some abysmal PC releases as of late.

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart will release on PC via Steam on April 18 and is available now on PlayStation Vita.