I Am Alive Brings The Post-Apocalyptic Lifestyle To PC Next Month

Ubisoft announced this morning that they will release a PC version of their post-apocalyptic survival title I Am Alive on September 13th via Ubishop, Steam and “other digital retailers”. This news doesn’t seem to square with the developer’s comment last November that “nobody would buy it” on PC, or Ubisoft’s more recent assertion that the PC has a 95% piracy rate, but that’s all just deadly fog under the bridge at this point.

In an effort to address the issues that players had with the XBLA/PSN version of I Am Alive released earlier this year, the upcoming PC port will contain two new modes. The game’s “Easy” mode will give players infinite retires, and the “Replay” mode will allow them to replay levels to “uncover more secrets and hidden objects”. Ubisoft also stated that the game will run in “higher resolutions”, so you can expect the deadly fog that obscures the entire landscape in the game to look better than ever on your PC!

So far, Ubisoft has only announced a UK price point of £11.99 for I Am Alive, as soon as the US price is revealed we will let you know.

For the 5% of you PC players who will actually buy I Am Alive, we have included a collection of screenshots of the PC version in the gallery down below. Enjoy!

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