I Want To Be Human Debuts “Will You Be My Heart Container?” Trailer Ahead Of Valentine’s Day


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just a couple of sleeps away, which means lots of chocolate, flowers and hopefully some co-operative gaming between loving significant others. In celebration — and in an effort to take advantage of the occasion — Rising Star Games has released a brand new trailer for its love (and blood) driven game, I Want To Be Human.

Part love story, and part insane shoot ’em-up, I Want To Be Human tells the story of a boy who meets and falls in love with a female vampire. The two seem destined for each other, despite their biological differences, but the shit hits the fan when evil forces turn said boy into a box. Yes, a box.

Throughout the course of this black-and-white-plus-red, retro-styled and insanely frenetic platforming shoot ’em-up, gamers will take control of the love stricken and angry female vampire as she seeks to be reunited with her love. The result is a game that is said to be filled with “off the wall dark humour,” exploding body parts, electronic music and a plethora of shotgun bullets.

I Want To Be Human will sink its teeth into Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers this April.

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