Cooperative Puzzle-Platformer ibb and obb Announced For PSN

Sparpweed revealed their first game today, a unique (and extremely cute) little co-op puzzle-platformer titled ibb and obb.

The game, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, centers around levels that are split horizontally into two separate worlds. The gravity in each world pulls towards the common split between them, and players must work together by jumping back and forth between the worlds to complete levels. For example, when a player defeats an enemy on their side of the level the player on the opposite side of the split must scramble to collect the dropped reward.

Judging from ibb and obb‘s debut trailer (embedded below) gameplay moves along at a fairly quick pace, with players frequently switching sides as they run through levels. It appears that the title is entirely co-op based, but the good news is that it will include both local and online multiplayer.

Currently ibb and obb is scheduled for release on the PSN sometime in spring 2013. We will let you know more details as they are announced.

Source: PlayStation Blog