First Images Of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Showcase More Chaotic Action

geometry wars dimensions 01

When the news broke that Activision was planning on reviving the Sierra Entertainment brand, I’m sure many were expecting the return of the publisher’s classic adventure games. For those too young to remember, Sierra was responsible for several classic PC franchises, including the likes of Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry and many more. And while we did hear that a new entry in the King’s Quest franchise is in the works, the more surprising news was that the resurrected studio will be handling publishing duties for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Originally created by Bizarre Creations, the Geometry Wars franchise blasted onto the Xbox 360 last generation with slick controls and bright, vibrant graphics. However, after the release of Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved in 2008, the series would be shelved by Activision. With the dawn of a new console generation, though, the series is being dusted off once more, this time with developer Lucid at the helm.

While the traditional gameplay of survival will return once more, the major focus of Geometry Wars 3 revolves around a 50-map campaign mode. No plot details have been revealed as of now, but we do know that players will have to blast their way through a variety of different and increasingly difficult stages.

Another big change coming with this new entry, is that the series will be entering the third-dimension. Now before you get all worried, this doesn’t mean that Geometry Wars 3 will play like that horrid Centipede reboot everyone likes to wish never happened. But rather, the move to three dimensions means that each level will take place on 3D objects that can be fully orbited. Shapes shown off so far include cylinders, cubes and peanut shaped.

Geometry Wars 3 will also include both competitive and cooperative multiplayer, which sounds like absolute chaos, as well as over 10 battle modes. While most of the modes included will be returning from past entries, Lucid has announced that several new and innovative ones will be debuting here.

A release date has not been set for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions quite yet, but we do know that it will hit both last and current-gen consoles, as well as PC. We will have more information on the colorful shooter in the coming months, but for now, why not take a gander at the first batch of screenshots released, and let us know what you think.