IMC Rising Is The Third And Final Map Pack For Titanfall, Due This Fall


Entitled IMC Rising, the conclusive DLC bundles together a trio of space-set locales to the Xbox and PC shooter including Backwater, Zone 18 and Sandtrap. In truth, not much was released regarding the imminent content pack, though Respawn took the opportunity to confirm what many of us already assumed: Titanfall is now the best-selling game for Xbox One.

Much like the game’s previous add-on content — namely Expedition and the well-received Frontier’s EdgeIMC Rising will be available as part of Titanfall’s season pass ($35). The content pack can also be purchased independently for $10 when it launches in the fall.

It’s expected that the final DLC will also serve to bolster the recently-added Black Market feature, which allows pilots to purchase new decals for their giant metallic ally all the while trading Burn cards using in-game credits.

We can expect more details to be released for Titanfall‘s IMC Rising in the build-up to its eventual release. For now, though, Xbox One owners can take full advantage of a recent Microsoft sale which discounts the acclaimed FPS by 50 per cent.

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