The Important People Of Final Fantasy XIII-2

We’ve helped you out with several trailers over the course of the past week helping to make sure everyone gets caught up with everything you need to know about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2. In case you have no idea who you’re watching in these trailers, Square Enix is gonna get you caught up with that too.

The latest trailer, showcasing the characters both new and old, shows off a brief glimpse into how each of the characters fit into the story. It also has the effect of making sure those that are less informed actually knows what people’s names are.

Or you could keep referring to them as the one with the pink hair from the last one, the one with the weird purple hair that looks like a girl, the one with the stupid sideways ponytail, the one with the funny pants, the one that my dad got confused for a girl in the first one, and th- HOLY CRAP WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SNOW?!

The choice is yours.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is being released January 31, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

What say you, gamers? How many more of these trailers do you think there are?