Impressive Master Chief Lego helmet finished just in time for Halo day

halo infinite

Halo fans have a lot to celebrate this week with the release of the highly anticipated sequel Halo Infinite launching its campaign mode. To celebrate, one talented Lego artist has crafted an iconic piece of armor from the series.

The piece of work was shared to Reddit by user Built_Bricks and is a perfect recreation of Master Chief’s helmet which is worn in every Halo game to date. The creation looks to have taken not only a ton of blocks but also a ton of time to complete.

The build also includes a port for a Data Crystal Chip to be inserted and the chip itself which looks perfect also despite being crafted from just a few Lego blocks.

As you’d expect with a build this impressive, fans are giving it a ton of positive feedback. The creator also shared some notes on the build stating that it was difficult to discover a way to give it a rounded feel without losing the Lego aesthetic.

Those who’d like to try their hand at building it themselves can do that by finding the instructions on According to Built_Bricks, this was their first major project for the site, and as you can see it came out pretty flawlessly.

Halo Infinite is now out and available for players to try out around the globe on Xbox and PC. If you’re not looking to invest in the game but still want in on some Halo action the multiplayer component is completely free.