Indie Phenomenon Minecraft Will Launch With PS4; Hits PS3, Vita In Due Time


During their press conference today at Gamescom, Sony announced that Mojang’s hit title Minecraft will be released on the PlayStation 4 when it launches on November 15th and 29th in North America and Europe, respectively. The news was also reaffirmed by Markus Persson – also known as Notch, the game’s creator – who added that the Lego-inspired title is bound for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, too.



A point worth noting, though, is that Sony themselves didn’t openly confirm a release date for their current-gen system and handheld. Nevertheless, today’s news marks the end of Microsoft’s console exclusive hold of Minecraft, having originally released on the Xbox 360 in May of last year – since then, it has accumulated over 8 million sales. In an interview with iGamer back in March, the studio’s developer Jens Bergensten expressed that he would consider the possibility of bringing the platformer to PlayStation consoles. However, it’s only today that this news was confirmed during Sony’s briefing at Gamescom.

What started as a humble PC title in 2011 has undeniably snowballed into a gaming phenomenon for the Swedish studio; one which has become available on a plethora of platforms including iOS and Android. In fact, the title currently stands as the fifth highest grossing game on Apple’s App store. And come November, Minecraft will debut on a Sony platform for the very first time, when it becomes available for the PlayStation 4.

How do you feel about Minecraft launching on PlayStation platforms? Do you believe that Mojang’s title will witness the trailblazing success on Sony’s devices like it did on Xbox 360? Let us know what you think below.