The Forest Injects Minecraft With A Potent Dose Of Survival Horror


SKS Games has announced a brand new open world survival horror game for the PC simply titled The Forest. From the pre-alpha footage shown off in the debut trailer, it appears that the game will be bringing a truly immersive survival experience.

The details available, on the official site, reveal a bold ambition for the game’s final product. You will be tasked with surviving in a living world where even the plant life can die. Weather dynamically changes alongside tides that roll in and out with a complete day and night cycle. Yet, the surface isn’t the only beast to tame. Expect to scavenge the forest for a variety of resources, tools, and weapons to help you explore a complex network of underground caves and lakes.

The Forest is hoping to achieve dynamic gameplay that relies on a basic human instinct, fight or flight. As you survive the open world you will be forced to defend yourself against genetic mutants with their own sets of beliefs, families, and morals. Clearly, there is more to the forest than meets the eye and I personally cannot wait to see how this game turns out.

Fans of Minecraft will surely be familiar with the gameplay formula, but hopefully SKS Games will be able to turn the idea of resource based survival on its head and terrify us all. Be sure to look out for more on The Forest when the Alpha Version arrives sometime later this year.

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