Indie Adventure Game Father’s Island Gets A Halloween Update



Indie adventure/visual novel game Father’s Island is getting a spooky Halloween update this weekend.

Speaking with game director and Homegrown Games CEO Ivan Ertlov, WGTC has learned that a free Steam update will launch for Father’s Island this coming weekend that will morph the game from walking simulator to fully-fledged FPS survival horror.

Ertlov told WGTC:

“In the spirit of Halloween, this weekend Father’s Island will feature a horde of spooky undead creatures, transforming the game into a whimsical shooter.” He went on to state “For the first time the game will feature weapons such as a pistol, shotgun, and rifles.”

The update is free for those who currently own Father’s Island and the game can be purchased from the Steam store.

Father’s Island is a mystical adventure/visual novel hybrid from Austrian based studio Homegrown Games. WGTC previewed the standard version of Father’s Island earlier this year, and we were impressed with the innovative combination of walking simulator gameplay and visual novel storytelling.

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