Industry Games Announces Kings And Heroes With Gameplay Trailer


Industry Games have revealed the game that will be the company’s first published title as they unveiled their announcement trailer for Kings and Heroes. The game is set to be an open world action RPG in a fantasy setting, and it will feature co-op modes for up to 8 players.

In Kings and Heroes, players can create their unique hero and play solo – or with a group of up to 8 players – to explore expansive dungeons and vanquish hordes of enemies. The quest for treasure, loot and glory will begin soon. Industry Games are currently aiming to get the game into the hands of testers and then into the Steam Early Access program in the coming weeks, as explained by CEO Warren Weems:

We’ve been working really hard to create a game that core gamers will want to play and make their own. We’re big fans of that classic roleplaying gameplay style, and that’s the feel we have with Kings and Heroes […] You can jump in and start soloing your way through the world, or you can grab some friends, group up, and run a dungeon. The world becomes more alive every day and we’ve got a lot of plans for where we’re taking the game through launch and beyond.

You can check out the trailer for Kings and Heroes at the top of this page and, if you’re hungry for more, tune into Industry Games’ live Twitch.TV stream tomorrow at 10 am PST.