inFamous 2 Special Pre-Order Powers Revealed

So here we are again; hand over your cash early and commit to the purchase before it’s even officially out and the publisher will reward you with stuff you feel should already be on the disc. Great. My personal grumblings aside, Sucker Punch and Sony are offering a collection of special in game powers for players who pre-order inFamous 2 from select US retailers.

As far as pre-order content goes, it’s slightly more enticing and meaningful than ‘a secret facepaint/toy Cole’. The game is rapidly approaching its June release and Sucker Punch have really been working hard on making sure this franchise doesn’t remain in the shadow of the Uncharted series. With a new city, a new (very large, very angry) mega monster to battle with, new abilities, crisper visuals and a final look for Cole that many are still unsure of, the game has the attention of many.

inFamous 2 is offering a mapmaker-esque online sharing tool this time around, allowing players to create their own fantasy scenarios or levels then jump into their creations and cause all sorts of electrical related ‘accidents’. The trailers for each pre-order package and their sponsored retailer are thoughtfully sitting below, take a peek and see if any of it gets you excited.