Infection Mode On The Way To Halo 5: Guardians Later This Year


Infection – the popular zombie-themed game mode from past Halo games – is on the way to Halo 5: Guardians later this year, developer 343 Industries have confirmed with a new teaser trailer.

The fan favourite game mode pits players against one or two ‘infected’ Spartans that come equipped only with an Energy Sword and the sole mission of slicing up the non-green soldiers in an effort to turn them to their side. The game type originally started life as a custom, player-made mode in Halo 2, with Bungie later introducing their own official version in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

The short teaser trailer (above) seems to suggest that Halo 5‘s version is going to be a similar affair, with a florescent green Spartan charging wildly at other players with abandon in an effort to bolster its ranks.

With that said, don’t be surprised to see 343 introduce some new elements to the fundamentals of the mode – some new rules and versions could help to upturn expectations.

343 plans to release Infection as part of Halo 5: Guardians‘ Memories of Reach update, which is scheduled to release later this year. We can’t wait to sink countless hours of our game time into playing Infection all over again, as along with the series’ other popular offbeat mode – Griffball – it’s easily one of the most entertaining multiplayer modes in any FPS.

Source: VideoGamer