Infinite Worlds Await In New No Man’s Sky Trailer; Dogfighting, Wanted System Also Showcased


Following the month-long coverage from IGN, we’re finally beginning to catch a glimpse of a more complete build of No Man’s Sky. Up until now, Hello Games’ space sim has been pigeonholed for its expansive, yet hollow set-up, offering players a seemingly infinite universe with little to actually do in terms of gameplay. However, with a robust economy and procedurally-generated worlds – not to mention the GTA-styled wanted system – there are a myriad of systems in place to ensure that boredom or a lack of direction is minimized.

Going off of the latest trailer, it’s clear that the studio is looking to hammer home the point. By showcasing some of the shooter elements and dogfighting, Hello Games is ensuring that No Man’s Sky isn’t simply placed in a box, and the company has spoke in the past about how the project itself tends to be difficult to market to newcomers. One thing that continues to elude us, though, is a concrete release date for the space exploration title.

With Gamescom looming on the horizon – due to be hosted in Cologne August 5 to August 9 – many are expecting Hello Games to finally nail down a due date for No Man’s Sky in a few weeks’ time. Couple this with the fact that the clip above showcases a much more impressive build, including more varied worlds and those aforementioned shooting mechanics, and it seems safe to assume that an announcement is imminent.

Without a release date – or even window – to call its own, No Man’s Sky is expected to launch for PlayStation 4 and PC either later this year or during the beginning of next.