Infinity Ward Extends PS4 Beta For Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Now entering its third day, it’s been confirmed that the inaugural Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta will run for another 24 hours on PlayStation 4.

Word of the extension hails from Activision’s official blog, confirming that not only will the tech test will remain live until Tuesday, October 18, but a new mode (Kill Confirmed) and map (Precinct) have also been added to the vertical slice. It’s still restricted to PS4 at the moment due to the content partnership between Sony and Activision, but Xbox One players can look forward to the Infinite Warfare beta opening up for both consoles on October 21. Meanwhile, those on PC will have to wait until the game launches on November 4.


Despite encountering some matchmaking issues early on, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta appears to be running smoothly on PS4 as developer Infinity Ward continue to mine data for feedback. It’s all in the name of stress testing the game’s servers, not to mention fine-tuning gameplay, and below you’ll find a rundown of that new content headed to the ongoing tech test.

You may have already noticed the FTL Combat Rig in the game, along with game modes Kill Confirmed and Gun Game, and the new map, Precinct. But best of all, IW will be extending this first Beta weekend by an extra day! Instead of concluding on Monday, you’ll have a whole extra day to multiplay until things wrap up on October 18 at 10am PDT (5am GMT).

Curious as to how Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is shaping up? Our preview of last weekend’s beta presents a thorough overview of the shooter’s multiplayer component ahead of its launch across all platforms – PC included – on November 4.