More Information On The Dark Souls PC Rumor

The rumor regarding Dark Souls and if it’s coming to PC just refuses to die. With the petition now having amassed a staggering 87 thousand signatures, it seems Namco is still toying with the idea. Earlier today, shoupinou, the Namco forum administrator largely responsible for the publicity this has received thus far, left a post asking for anyone who knows a way to get in touch with the guy who started the online petition to please step forward.

Hi Guys,

I’m still following the topic, don’t worry but as I already said I have no rights to tell anything. However, I would like to take the opportunity to have many eyes focused on this forum to ask to the guy who started the petition on if we could get in touch.

If you read me or if someone could let him know I’m looking to get in touch with him, that would be great!

Thanks guys.
Keep pushing

I don’t ask much out of my readers, but for the love of god if you know “dinpoke” then get a hold of Namco NOW. The PC gaming community is relying on you!

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