Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Week 3 Wrap-Up

Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us has been steadily increasing its own hype by giving fans the ability to vote on weekly match-ups that pit their favorite DC characters against each other. The most recent weekly brawl resulted in Aquaman viciously assaulting Cyborg, and Solomon Grundy receiving a galactic head smashing from Green Lantern.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of following these weekly fights is that players are able to gain a greater understanding of how each character plays. Each new match reveals crucial information for fighting fans by granting us the chance to study which characters suit your play style, and potentially planning devastating combos. Whether you choose to utilize the environmental attacks on display or efficiently use your superhero attack, equivalent to the X-Ray moves from Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm is clearly going to great lengths to capture the essence of the DC universe.

This dedication to the spirit of the characters shines bright, especially as we watch Green Lantern face-off against Solomon Grundy. Hal Jordan rapidly manipulates his ring to create a wide variety of objects to send Grundy back to his grave, while the undead behemoth smashes tombstones over the Lantern’s head. The personality of each character is embodied within the attacks and mannerisms of each fighter, now, if only they could make their victory animations just a little bit more satisfying.

Sorry NetherRealm, but it’s hard to believe that these characters would simply slump to the ground after they have been defeated. Let’s see Solomon Grundy kicked into a grave as the lid shuts, or Hal Jordan’s ring getting crushed on his finger. With a little over a month until launch, we can all hope that this aspect of the game gets a slight overhaul.

Be sure to check out week four’s match-up for Injustice: Gods Among Us tomorrow. As always, leave us your thoughts in the comments below, and more specifically, let us know what your favorite match-up has been thus far. Should Green Lantern and Aquaman have won, or was it just a fluke? Personally, it’s great to see Aquaman reminding everyone why he’s more than just the guy that talks to fish.