Insomniac CEO Announced Fuse Today At PAX Prime

Speaking during his PAX Prime keynote today, Insomniac Games’ co-founder Ted Price threw out the name of an “all-new” upcoming game from the studio called Fuse.

Price didn’t bother to give any other details about what exactly Fuse is, but soon after he blurted out the name the company’s Twitter account posted the above screenshot. Additionally, and this is going to be big news for all you countdown clock enthusiasts out there, the FuseGame website went online with a countdown clock set to expire on September 12th.

That is all the official information we have about right now, but there is also some speculation floating around that claims that the title is actually a reworking of the 4-player co-op game called Overstrike, which was revealed back at E3 2011. If that turns out to be the case, then it might be worth your time to take a second look at Overstrike‘s reveal trailer.

We are going to keep a sharp eye on that Fuse countdown clock, and will let you know as soon any new information is released.

Source: GameInformer

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