Insomniac Games’ New IP Is An Underwater Metroidvania Named Song Of The Deep


Following up on yesterday’s nebulous teaser, Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games has pulled back the curtain on Song of the Deep, a brand new IP headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC in summer 2016.

Priced at $14.99 across all platforms, perhaps the most surprising element of Insomniac’s announcement is that the metroidvania-styled adventure will be published by GameStop in what has been described as a “non-traditional developer-publisher relationship.” As such, with the high-street retailer handling marketing and distribution for the game, physical copies of Song of the Deep will only be available via GameStop.

Centering on the story of Merryn, Insomniac’s experimental release is the passion project hatched by Chief Creative Officer, Brian Hastings. In light of the announcement, Hastings offered a brief statement about the new IP, which has been incubating in development for around a year’s time.

“Throughout development we’ve tried to create moments of awe-inducing wonder. That’s always our goal. We don’t build games or stories with the intention of doing a one and done approach. For us, every one of these games has personal appeal.”

Song of the Deep makes a beeline for PS4, Xbox One and PC at some point this summer, and you can feast your eyes on early screenshots for Insomniac’s new creative venture via the gallery below.

Source: Twitter

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