Insomniac’s Fuse Is Most Likely Overstrike

When Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price mentioned last week during his PAX Prime 2012 keynote that the studio’s next game was called Fuse, speculation started to circulate that the new game was actually Overstrike, a four-player co-op game first announced at E3 2011. We still don’t know for sure if the two games are the same project, but Insomniac is not doing much to counter the speculation.

Joystiq asked Ted Price at PAX about the status of Overstrike to which he replied, “I’m gonna point you to I’m being cagey here because I want to be consistent with how we’re answering these questions.”

A PR manager then added to Price’s comments, saying:

“We’re very deliberate in what we’re showing right now, and that’s why we’re just pointing people to the website and saying, ‘Hey, this is a process. We’re going to share more information with you, stay tuned.'”

For now it seems like we will just have to wait for Insomniac to give the full details on Fuse, however, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to say that the two games are related.

Source: Joystiq