Intense Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Confirms Shooter’s October Release; Ubisoft Targets Improvements Following Alpha Test


It turns out those speculative reports proclaiming the release date for Rainbow Six Siege weren’t too far off, as Ubisoft has confirmed that its tactical shooter will deploy for duty on October 13.

Unsurprisingly, the mega-publisher also confirmed that the title will come packing a premium collector’s edition. Entitled Tactical Elite Edition, the bundle will encompass a collector’s edition of the physical case, in-game weapon skins and an exhaustive, 120-page tactical guide that provides players with a detailed breakdown of every nook and cranny hidden with Siege‘s maps, and how best to exploit them to your advantage. You can check out said bundle down below, though Rainbow Six Siege will also offer the Gold Edition and Art of the Siege edition, which both include the shooter’s season pass.

This news arrives hot on the heels of the game’s recent closed alpha test. According to Ubisoft, the bout of testing provided the development team with precious feedback that will in real-time loop back into Siege itself. Chief among those improvements are fixes to the hit markers on the heads-up display, not to mention fine-tuning the amount of recoil on certain firearms.

Rainbow Six Siege will introduce FPS fans to the high-risk world of hostage situations when Ubisoft’s anticipated title rappels onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13. Until then, you can feast your eyes on the aforementioned Art of the Siege edition and incremental fixes down below.


Hit markers

Removed except for friendly fire and kill confirmation

Game pacing

Base operator movement speed reduced by 20%
Implementing armor system (light, medium, heavy) with mobility vs. armor tradeoff
Implementing equipment and weapon weight costs to movement
Currently experimenting with increased round times to slow down play


Recoil improved for PC, with stronger initial shot kick and diamond recoil patterns doubled in size

Source: Major Nelsen