The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Peter Parker’s New Look In Spider-Man Remaster

Spider-Man PS4

In case you hadn’t heard, Sony and Insomniac Games revealed a first look at Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered yesterday via a new trailer, and while what was shown was certainly pretty, the lion’s share of attention since its release has been squarely on Peter Parker’s new look. As a result of the developer’s desire to cast a face model whose appearance better suited voice actor Yuri Lowenthal’s performance, Insomniac made the unprecedented decision to replace John Bubinak – as seen in the original PS4 version – with Ben Jordan.

Without delay, fans have been sharing their own thoughts on the controversial change online, with many pointing out similarities between Jordan’s fresher-faced Parker and that of Tom Holland, who currently plays Marvel’s beloved superhero on the big screen. Whether you believe that outcome is better or worse lies firmly in the realm of subjectivity, of course, though this younger-looking version certainly gives rise to some potential in-universe inconsistencies.

As pointed out by user Smuggy177013 over on Twitter, the facelift has resulted in Parker looking far too young to have already been serving as New York’s protector for a solid decade.

The issue is compounded even further when taking into account this year’s upcoming sequel. As a protégé of Parker, Miles Morales is traditionally portrayed as being much younger than his teacher, still being a teenager by the time the two meet. In this case, however, Miles now looks to be of similar age, if not older, than his mentor.

Others think the comparisons to Tom Holland have missed the mark and that Ben Jordan’s Parker actually looks more like The Good Doctor‘s Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore.

Clearly eager to take some heat off Insomniac following the reveal, Yuri Lowenthal has joined the conversation as well, blaming the “stupid bones” in his face as the reason for the studio having to replace Bubinak.

And below, you can find a few more reactions for good measure:

Definitely one of the most unexpected developments in the gaming world as of late, then, and one that will take time to win back fans of the original. For those who’ve yet to play Marvel’s Spider-Man, however, this is all largely going to be of little consequence.

The remaster will be available next month, November 12th, exclusively in Ultimate Editions of Sequel Miles Morales.