The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Resident Evil 8 Announcement

Resident Evil 8

The leaks were true. All of them.

Resident Evil 8 – as hinted at many times by insiders with close ties to Capcom – is undoubtedly going to be the biggest diversion for the series to date and it appears as if fans couldn’t be happier with the nightmarish new direction. Flocking to Twitter to share their raw thoughts with others in regards to the biggest highlights of Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation 5 presentation, Resident Evil 8 has emerged a clear winner along with the likes of Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, though the reception garnered by that last one may soon change in light of what we’ve recently learned.

But we digress. You can find a sample of the initial reactions to yesterday’s gameplay debut down below:

resident evil 8

An overwhelmingly warm welcome for the next chapter in Capcom’s beloved survival horror series, then, though as is to be expected, the praise isn’t universal. Some veteran fans still aren’t sold on the first-person perspective introduced to the mainline series with 2017’s Resident Evil 7, while others have bemoaned the return of protagonist Ethan Winters, labelling him as “dull.”

Speaking of werewolves, Capcom says it’ll have more details on next year’s sequel to share in August which, with any luck, will be where we learn the identity (and origins) of these new creatures and why Chris Redfield, always the hero, has seemingly gone rogue and started killing innocents. Got your own theory about where the plot is headed? Make sure to share them with us and others in the usual place below!

Resident Evil 8 is scheduled for release sometime in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.