[Update] New “Interrogation” Multiplayer Mode Coming To The Last Of Us Via Free Update

the last of us interrogation

Sony has announced the details of the upcoming 1.03 update for The Last of Us, revealing that Naughty Dog will add a brand new multiplayer mode called “Interrogation” into the mix.

In the new Interrogation mode, both teams are given their own hidden lock box full of supplies that must be defended. The only way to find the opposing team’s safe is to down them as normal and then perform special executions or shiv kills to interrogate them.

Interrogation shiv kills and executions take longer than their normal counterparts, so players will have to decide if they can safely risk the time to preform an interrogation on a downed enemy. If you are interrupted during an interrogation your team will not only fail to get credit for the action, but it will also lose any bonus parts associated with the kill.

Once your team has reached five successful interrogations, the location of the enemy safe will be revealed. At this point in the match the opposing team is given a brief opportunity to set up defenses around their lock box, while your team works to pinpoint its exact location. After the location is discovered, you team must unlock the enemy safe — while still guarding against being interrogated by the enemy — to win the match.

As someone who has become surprisingly addicted to The Last of Us‘ multiplayer over the last several weeks, Interrogation sounds like a fantastic addition to the existing Supply Raid and Survivor modes. It also doesn’t hurt that this is coming as a free update!

Naughty Dog also revealed the following list of multiplayer fixes coming with The Last of Us 1.03 update:

  • Revive range increased “just a little bit, to make it harder to accidentally wander outside of the range of someone who is reviving you”
  • Item box locations have been adjusted for balance on “a few maps”
  • Execution animations can now be interrupted by downing or killing the player doing the execution (this prevents them from receiving the bonus associated with the execution)
  • Match intro camera bug fixed
  • Matchmaking updated so that players will be better paired with others around the same rank, and teams will be better balanced
  • Fixed an issue where item boxes were giving teams too many items if they had just made a comeback

There is no word on exactly when the 1.03 update will be available for The Last of Us, but we will keep an eye out for any additional information and let you know as soon as we hear anything. In the meantime, check out the patch notes video below to see the new Interrogation mode in action.

[Update] The Last of Us 1.03 update is now live.