Iron Galaxy Teases The Arrival Of The Villainous Gargos For Killer Instinct


Iron Galaxy sure isn’t messing about with Killer Instinct Season 3. Since it began in March, the developer has already released a staggering five whole characters in a matter of weeks, and by the looks of it, they’re just getting started.

So far, we’ve seen series natives Kim Wu and Tusk launch alongside guest characters Rash and Arbiter (from Battletoads and Halo, respectively) and the vampiric sister of Maya, Mira – who launched just last week. Even Gears Of War‘s General RAAM will supposedly be making his way to the beat ’em up in the future.

Before that potential announcement though, Iron Galaxy’s got another character that they plan to release this month. Gargos, or more popularly known as the series’ primary antagonist, is slated to release later this month, and Iron Galaxy has celebrated the news with an intentionally blurry image to whet your appetite.

With Gargos’ reveal, that means Killer Instinct Season 3’s roster currently stands at six confirmed characters. Iron Galaxy has previously stated that Season 3 will include eight characters, so with RAAM potentially on the horizon, that only leaves one open character slot to be filled.

We can only imagine there won’t be any more guest characters appearing from now on, and the only well-known character from previous games in the series who hasn’t been confirmed is Eyedol, so our money’s on him being number eight.

But who knows, Iron Galaxy may have cooked-up a brand new fighter? We’ll just have to wait and see.