Ironfall: Invasion Will Bring 60 FPS Shooting To 3DS/New 3DS This February


Portable third-person shooting is en route to Nintendo’s 3DS and New 3DS handhelds, thanks to VDdev and its newly announced IP, Ironfall: Invasion. The title, which will be released through the systems’ eShop sometime next month, was revealed during this morning’s Nintendo Direct livestream and looks to fill a noticeable gap in the devices’ combined software library.

Touting an “intense” single player campaign, six-player multiplayer and 60 FPS, Ironfall: Invasion is a game with a lot of promise. In fact, it’s quickly become one of our most-anticipated New 3DS launch titles.

Another positive bullet point is the fact that this new IP will take advantage of the New 3DS’ C-Pad, allowing for improved control and added functionality. Of course, the biggest benefit of this will be increased precision, which is something that the more hardcore crowd will gravitate towards.

Check out Ironfall: Invasion‘s launch trailer above and then take a moment to let us know¬†what you think.

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