Is Among Us Coming To Fortnite? Devs Speak Out

Among Us Fortnite Rumors
Image via InnerSloth LLC

You’ll have to stick to voting against your crewmates in 2D, because Among Us isn’t coming to Fortnite anytime soon. 

Excitement over the potential crossover sparked last Friday after a Tweet by YouTuber HYPEX, who regularly covers Fortnite news and leaks, insisted a Fortnite and Among Us partnership was already in the works

HYPEX’s tweet suggested a crossover was likely, given new file names in Fortnite that sure do sound a lot like Among Us mechanics and locations. The influencer went further in a follow-up tweet, saying that “there’s no way that those keywords are not referring to Among Us.”

While there’s a good chance Fortnite’s dev team has played Among Us, and the filenames do perhaps allude to the popular deception party game, there’s no collaboration in the works. On Monday, the official Among Us Twitter account killed the hype in a response to a question about the rumors, claiming it “isn’t true” but “would be super cool.”

This doesn’t rule out the possibility of future crossovers, but nothing seems to be in the works at the moment. While the official word of the team working on one of the games wasn’t enough for some users on Twitter, it would be more sus for Innersloth to ignore the rumors rather than strike the possibility down entirely. We won’t be holding our breath for this one.