Is Gearbox Software Readying Itself To Announce A New Duke Nukem Game?


Brace yourselves, everyone – gaming’s most meat-headed, foul-mouthed character could well be on his way back for another battle against anyone who’ll pick a fight with him.

As VideoGamer reports, an ominous new countdown timer has appeared over on the official Duke Nukem website alongside a new Twitter account, @DukeNukemGame. While the website is verified, there’s no telling who owns the latter, although it appears as if Gearbox Software – developer of 2011’s Duke Nukem Forever – is already following the page.

So, what exactly is this all about? Most people’s first reaction is that Gearbox is readying itself to announce a new entry in the series next week (when the countdown reaches 0), but it could just as easily be some other tie-in media to celebrate Duke’s 20th anniversary.

Assuming the former is the correct assumption, one has to wonder if such a project would be worth the work to make it: Duke Nukem Forever didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome, and that’s putting it lightly.

We’ll find out for sure what the mystery announcement is come September 2, perhaps during PAX West, considering Gearbox will be present at the event with an ‘Inside Gearbox Software’ panel presentation.

So, readers, what are your thoughts on another Duke Nukem game? Can the series’ reputation really recover after the rather bad Forever, or should the entire franchise just be left alone as a relic of the 90s?