Is Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PC And New-Gen Consoles This November?


Is it finally about to happen? Nearly a year after being originally released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V about to be ported to PC and new-gen consoles? A news article posted very early this morning over on GameSpot says it may be about to happen.

While it’s still only speculation at this stage, UK distributors Exertis Gem listed the game as being scheduled for release on Friday November 14th. This is most likely the launch date for the UK, as Friday is traditionally the day games are released in that region. At this time, there is no rumour about any possible US release.

However, since speculation began, Exertis Gem have changed the listing of Grand Theft Auto V to once again say “TBC.” But the hearsay doesn’t end there. Other sources, such as gaming news site VG247, claim to have reliable information stating that the game will be out on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November.

And let’s not forget that Rockstar themselves announced at this years E3 event that new ports of the game will be available in autumn, though they have fallen silent since making the announcement.

We’re coming very close to Grand Theft Auto V‘s one year anniversary (September 17th), so is it possible the developers will have some news for us at that point? With the holiday season fast approaching and rumours about the new releases making the rounds with no interference from Rockstar, let’s hope fans of the blockbuster franchise will get the early Christmas present they want.

Source: GameSpot