Is Halo: Combat Evolved Getting An HD Remake?

In 2001, the first person shooter genre was changed forever. A little game called Halo: Combat Evolved took the gaming world by storm, gaining unanimous praise and perfect review scores across the board. Now, an HD remake is rumored to be in the works. Will history repeat itself?

4News, an Italian entertainment website, may have blown the lid off of the story of the year. According to the site, a source close to Microsoft Game Studios has detailed 343 Industries’ supposed plan to re-create the gaming juggernaut of the early 00’s on the new Halo: Reach engine.

Seeing as HD remakes are becoming popular as of late (Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter), it wouldn’t be surprising to see this actually happen. The stunning visuals of Reach would greatly improve the then barrier-breaking graphics of Combat Evolved and would create one hell of a nostalgia trip for those that grew up playing the classic shooter. And just to be safe, I must repeat that this is a rumor and should in no case be considered true. That said, I still hope it happens.