Is No Man’s Sky Good Now?

Back in 2016, there was one open-world game with a lot of promises and plenty of hype surrounding its release. That game was No Man’s Sky and despite all the pre-release praise, the game’s launch spelled disaster for both fans and Hello Games as promises were seemingly not met.

Upon launch, players were eager to get in on the Open World, community-generated terrain with their friends. Despite the downplaying of co-op play by Hello Games in the lead-up⏤which stated that you’ll almost never see your friends⏤fans put it to the test after the game’s release and discovered that indeed they wouldn’t see their friends, as co-op play had not been included.

As you’d expect, without this feature fans were left feeling outraged and misled. It also limited the encouragement to explore having to go at it alone. In the years since this rocky launch, there have been plenty of updates and new additions to No Man’s Sky.

Is No Man’s Sky Good Now?

No Man's Sky

Five years after its original release, not only have all the promises made by the developer been met, but the game is in exceptional shape and definitely worth picking up if you haven’t done so yet.

There have been plenty of updates since the launch, all bringing huge new additions to the game. Of course, one major update was the addition of multiplayer support, which now allows players to journey around unexplored planets with friends online.

While the launch did bring a fair amount of content to complete story-wise as well as planets to explore, over the years they have regularly added a lot more, and right now there is more than enough story to keep groups of players busy.

As you’d expect, with years to tune things up, many of the issues that plagued the environments and creatures of barren worlds on launch have been repaired, and today the game runs better than ever before.

While No Man’s Sky might have launched as a bundle of broken promises and a gigantic world to explore all alone, it has now blossomed into something perfect for any group of friends to hop into and spend as many hours as they’d like exploring unique worlds together.