Is Square Enix Prepping A Second Demo For Final Fantasy XV?


If Game Director Hajime Tabata is to be believed – and the real meaning of his quote wasn’t lost in translation – we could be seeing the release of a second playable demo for Final Fantasy XV.

Earlier this year, publisher Square Enix unveiled Episode Duscae alongside the release of PS4 remaster Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, allowing fans to play around with the game mechanics and overhauled battle system lurking within the vertical slice. In fact, in what proved to be a rather unorthodox move, Square even released a patch for the early build, heralding the launch of Episode Duscae 2.0. But it may not be the last time we can play Final Fantasy XV prior to release.

That’s because, upon speaking with Chinese site VGTime (via VG247), Tabata noted that a new demo is currently being produced within Square. Now, before you get too excited, it could well be the case that the director’s comments were lost in translation, or that he is simply referring to a pre-release demo that would go live shortly before the eventual retail release.

Given that Final Fantasy XV‘s due date is still to be locked down, we can’t imagine that the developers will release another demo for the much-anticipated JRPG. Then again, it’s possible that a second vertical slice could showcase a new section of the colossal world, or introduce characters beyond the core four leads.

Both Tabata and Square Enix has reaffirmed time and time again that Final Fantasy XV will launch at some point in 2016, though we’re still hedging our bets for the time being.