Is the ‘Overwatch 2’ beta available to play on console?

Image via Overwatch

The popular team-based first-person shooter game Overwatch, which was developed by the video game company, Blizzard, and released in 2016, is getting a sequel. The sequel, titled Overwatch 2, will seemingly debut sometime soon as the game has just released a closed beta. The sequel introduces new heroes into the game as well as maps, game modes, and reworks of the most beloved characters. 

PC players will be able to jump into the much-anticipated shooter right away as the beta version will run at least until May 17. But the game is not set to launch just on PC, as a release is planned for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch as well, so is the beta version also available on those systems?

Is the Overwatch 2 closed beta accessible on the console?

Unfortunately, the Overwatch 2 closed beta is not accessible to console players. However, if you play on a console there is no need to lose hope as Blizzard has confirmed that they are aiming to include console players in future closed betas. There are multiple ways to get access to this first closed beta on PC, which includes Twitch drops and getting an email from Blizzard. Hopefully, most of the players that have a keen interest in the closed beta will manage to secure a spot. 

The actual release date of Overwatch 2 is currently up in the air as the game was delayed from its initial launch date and since then, a new schedule for its release has not been announced. But as this is the game’s first beta that has been released to the public, there are high hopes that the game will be released sometime soon as well. But whether soon can be classified as 2022, 2023 or beyond, is still a big question mark.